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    Message from Chris on 1/23 2003, 16:08 -05:00

    Incorrect date showing on my logs

      I am using a message board type of log where I collect information mostly by using selection boxes.
      My time zone is -5:00 GMT Eastern U.S. Whenever I enter test data into the form, the resulting table shows my entry was made the day before. So when I enter a test entry today, (Jan, 23) the table shows I made the entry yesterday.
      Can someone tell me what is going on?

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    Message from Chris on 1/27 2003, 14:29 -05:00

    Date field showing incorrect date - fixed!


      I believe I found out what is going on with the 'Date' field showing the incorrect date of submission.

      Since I configured the fields to be 'Deleted' or 'Modified' by the user, it seems I needed to select the 'create & modify' option when defining the 'Date' field and not the 'create' option.
      The submissions show the correct date now.
      Thank you for your time in providing feedback and thank you for this service.
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 1/30 2003, 18:53 +01:00

    Re: Date field showing incorrect date - fixed!

      Ok ;-)

      But there is still a bug with the timezone, I'll have to fix ;-)
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