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    Message from afmcjake on 2/5 2003, 15:26 -05:00
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    Email Ability of BasePortal Standard

      We would like to purchase BasePortal but need to know about the email features...
      Can we have an email sent everytime an entry is added and...

      if so, can we have a field in the new entry to specify an email address and have it sent to the one specified?

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    Message from Ania on 2/6 2003, 19:53 +00:00

    Exporting into Microsoft Access

      could someone tell me if it is possible to import content of the baseportal database into Microsoft Access?

      I have tried by going to database/management/export and converting the file into .txt format. However, this does not work - most of the time I am getting an empty file. Even if I manage to get something there I still have to import the file into Access. Is there a better/more efficient way of doing this? Is it possible to get the information from the baseportal database directly into Microsoft Access Database?

      Thank you
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 2/7 2003, 00:40 +01:00

    Re: Exporting into Microsoft Access

      I tried it right now and it works - did you changed any of the popups and checkboxes at Database/Management/Export? Normally baseportal gives you a CSV formatted file which ACCESS imports without further changes - you just have to open the file in ACCESS...

      If you still have problems: We have an expert for this topic (Sander) but he's snowboarding right now ;-) He will be back next week and could possibly help you...
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    Message from linsey on 2/13 2003, 16:32 +00:00
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    Importing an existing database


      I have a database of swimmers times which I update in Access. Can I import this into baseportal and reupdate it so that I still have a copy on my PC and can update off line?
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 2/20 2003, 01:06 +01:00

    Re: Importing an existing database

      Sure, you can edit your data offline with Access (or whatever program you like which exports CSV), export the data as CSV and import it into baseportal whenever you want to update...
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