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    Message from mamun rahman on 4/15 2003, 17:46 +00:00

    system analysis and design

      how web based inputs are similar to and different from client/server input froms

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    Message from lisa on 4/19 2003, 12:55 -06:00


      I am trying to set up a searchable data base for a resource library. It does not do a complete search. In the faq it says to have it search more completely I have to rent software. I tried to find the software location to rent and a price but can not find either. Please advise.
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 4/20 2003, 00:59 +01:00

    Re: search

      Sorry, but right now we offer only the german version for rent. It will take some time until we will be able to offer an english rental version.

      But you can purchase baseportal for your own server. Please take a look at:

      The full-text retrieval is included there.

      Or, you could program it easily with just some perl code in your template. It looks like this:

      <loop db=your_database code=perl>
      if(index($Field1, "house")>=0)
      out "Found: $Field1<br>";

      This would find "house" in the field "Field1" in "your_database" at any position...


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