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    Message from PhoneTutors on 4/24 2003, 10:17 +00:00
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    Thank You page// Pictures// Input required//Other languages

      Hallo Christoph Bergmann!
      Vielen Danke fur Ihr answort :)
      (Sorry I cannot continue in German :(
      Anyway, many thanks for your very quick answer...
      IT WORKS :)

      0. However, is it possible to actually transfer the end users to a new page, without the input entries, of maybe others?

      I have also other qns, I write them here so other users can read your answers.

      1. Is it possible to add pictures to the webpage? How?
      2. I have noticed that we can "force" users to enter number data inputs, can we do this "input required" for other fields?
      3. I would like to put the same entries in different languages (Spanish and German). Do I have to register in your Spanish site as well or is there any way to change the language within the same database?

      4. Is there any way to change other settings (e.g. tabs on the top, etc)?

      Thank you very much for your answers.

      I have some experience with html, but perl is very new to me...

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    Message from Sid on 4/25 2003, 05:44 +00:00
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      i inserted baseportal on one of my webpage:
      this database is for visitors to add in their information and not being able to read information. but i realised that they are able to read my databse info. the management settings are changed automatically every now and then. so i wont know when it is changed and visitors can gain access to it. pls help me on this ... and when i changed to add data only, the form wont be shown on the webpage.
      my user id is sredulinkreg
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 4/26 2003, 01:38 +01:00

    Re: problems

      I'm not sure I understand you... You mean the rights settings for your database changes randomically without you doing anything?? This is hard to believe: The software is well tested and I have never heard of sth. like this.

      I've seen that you registered 4 different accounts - for every database 1 account. Thats no problem if you like to do this, but you could have it easier: You can create as many databases under *one* account as you like! You just have to give them different names... ;-)

      Maybe this causes the problem you reported: You mixed up the different accounts?
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