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    Message from sid on 4/25 2003, 06:05 +00:00
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      pls see my link above ... in management, i put users can only add data... but the form is not reflected in the page... i do not want users to read datas inserted, they are only able to fill up the form. but it didnt work

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    Message from PhoneTutors on 4/25 2003, 07:24 +00:00
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    RE: Thank you page//pics//Input required

      Hallo Christoph!

      Vie guets?

      Ich habe proviert Ihr answort, aber etwas arbaitets shon :) etwas nicht

      Anyway, thanks again for your help.
      These are my results:


      I have tried

      if($cmd eq "add")



      BUT IT DOESN'T WORK, it takes end-user to an error page :(

      Did I do anything wrong? Is there any other way?

      I am very interested in this, because I want to give information after registration.

      1. Adding pictures

      (I meant to the database-page)

      I have tried <img src="">

      But there is a broken link in the output (the file exists, though) :(

      If it is not possible, it's ok, I didn't want to put many pics anyway :)

      > 2. "input required"

      IT WORKS! :)

      Changing the other settings is not urgent at the moment, I will do that once I have the database working with the thank you URL thing.

      Could you help me with that one?

      Danke shon!


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