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    Message from Stephanie_Tate on 4/25 2003, 09:24 -08:00
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    Error; help me fix, please!

      I submitted a new category, "Medical Legal Services" under "Health..."

      Name of my firm is Paradigm Legal Nurse Consulting.

      Why does my message display a red "error?"

      I copied and pasted the database as instructed.

      Also, why is it all one paragraph?

      Do I have to put <p> to create paragraphs, even though I sam not using other HTML code? Can you help me correct it?

      Thank you!

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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 4/26 2003, 15:49 +01:00

    Re: Base potal page address I made

      You can't delete entries in the user directory (thats my job ;-) ).

      What exactly do you want to do? Create a webpage?
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