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    Message from PhoneTutors on 4/26 2003, 09:47 +01:00

    :) thankyou URL // Spanish :(

      Hallo Christoph!

      Vie guets?

      Ich habe Deutsch gelernt in Muenchen, Ich habe eine jahre in Gilching (Bayern) gewohnt.

      Danke shon (again) for your answers.

      0) Thank you page
      It works :) I am working this weekend on some databases... Many people are going to use this excellent BasePortal of yours...

      3) different languages

      I have tried it and it Works with French (fr) and German (de) :) but not with Spanish (es) or Italian (it?) :(

      When I put ..

      <do action=all language=es range^=0,20 pagebrowse=no buttonbrowse=no listtype=list listfields=Name,Street,City,State,ZIP/Postal input=link>

      The instructions are in German. Ich spreche ein bischien, aber mine freunds in Spanien nicht :(

      Did I do anything wrong this time?


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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 4/26 2003, 18:25 +01:00

    Re: viewing page - ??

      You can see all changes immediately... If not, then your browser shows you an old page from the cache - or the proxy from your provider...

      Or did you mean sth. else?
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