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    Message from tonya on 4/27 2003, 11:08 +00:00
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    Convert Access to SQL

      I have an access db thats getting too small for my site how do i convert to SQL or MYSQL???

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    Message from sergey on 4/27 2003, 23:07 +00:00


      I have made a database of quotes. Now I want these quotes to be randomly generated on my webpage. How do I do that? What code do I use?
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 4/28 2003, 03:11 +01:00

    Re: random?

      Thats easy. Just insert this in your page:

      <loop Id==? db=yourdatabase>
      <b>$Text</b><br>from $Author (Or whatever fields you've defined in your database. You can use any HTML code here)

      Thats all ;-)

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    Message from sergey on 4/28 2003, 12:35 +00:00

    Re: random?

      Thanks. It works!

      Now how do I go about putting this on a page that is outside of baseportal - i.e. a completely other domain.
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 4/28 2003, 21:23 +01:00

    Re: random?

      Just copy the HTML code of one of your web pages into a baseportal page. Then you have to adjust all links. You could use

      <base href="http://..original_URL_of_the_page...">

      on top of the page and all links will point to their correct location. And then you just have to insert a link to this page into one of your pages... Since you use the same design your users won't see a difference.

      If you want to use baseportal completely on your own domain you have to buy it:


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