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    Message from Warren on 4/28 2003, 18:23 +00:00

    Date Range limitation


      I am testing a historical database with date values in the range 1914 to 1921.

      I used a field input mask of 'August 21, 2000' and a field output mask of '08/02/2000' and my imported data was translated into incorrect dates e.g 'August 1, 1917' becomes 4/2003/1928 (which seems a form of todays date).

      I then tried a user input mask of 'August 21, 2000' and this produced blank fields. I have now deleted the date column and replaced it with a text one (which is not as good for searching).

      I am wondering if baseportal databases can handle historical dates, because the search form only gives a year range limited to 1920 to 2003.

      Any one have any ideas or experience of this issue?


      Warren Lawless

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