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    Message from Jeremy on 9/24 2002, 20:34 +00:00
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    Can I rely on baseportal for the long run?

      I love what you are doing here. I work with many small businesses and non-profits in the US, and this tool is something I would love to use for just about everything to manage a web site. As I ponder my clients needs and current web site uses, this tool would greatly aid in the content management process for many of them.

      How can I assure my clients that once we set up a 'free' system, it will not start charging $10,000 for a licensing fee? If that were to happen, I would lose my clients. I am sure you can understand the need to know the future of this product.

      I also wonder about support. Is it just this message board? I do not mind that, but I would like to know I can count on it for communication and assistance.

      A few other questions....

      Will this only run on your web servers?
      Is it possible to run on my server?
      If so, what platform/OS is this made for?

      I look forward to hearing back from you. This really is a great solution for people!

      Jeremy Bloom
      Web Producer

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    Message from BabyAngel on 9/25 2002, 17:01 +00:00


      How do I delete anything I did on like completly remove everything...???
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 10/1 2002, 00:44 +00:00

    Re: Deleting...

      You can delete every database and template you created under "management" of the appropriate file...
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