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    Message from Northam on 9/30 2002, 05:33 +00:00

    Linking Fields to other Databases

      I don't understand how to link a field to another database. Would appreciate any assistance. Thank you.


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    Message from Roman on 9/30 2002, 20:08 +00:00

    baners as part of a database record

      Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to include a banner as part of any record and then display it above or bellow a record when one is searching for that particular record?
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 10/1 2002, 02:05 +00:00

    Re: baners as part of a database record

      You can't upload files and images with the free version of baseportal, so you have to store the banners somewhere else (your webspace).

      The solution for your problem itself is easy: Just define a "text" field which stores the complete image tag of the banner: <img src="http://....yourdomain..../bannername.gif">

      hope that helps ;-)
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    Message from Javier on 8/24 2005, 11:34 -08:00
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    Re: baners as part of a database record

      Hi, when I do this, define a text field and put in the complete tag of the image, I see in my details output just the tag of the image but exactly in text format the tag is showed in the field and not call the image file ???

      What can I do ???
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