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    Message from flechia on 10/15 2002, 18:29 +00:00
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    cant get password

      hi icant retreave my password to even get in look at things.i cant even figure out how this hole thing works

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    Message from Roger on 10/2 2002, 07:53 +00:00

    I can't reach the


      whats wrong with
      Very often, I can't reach the german site.
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    Message from Jurenda on 10/2 2002, 08:43 +00:00

    Re: I can't reach the

      Maybe more DoS on (since friday)

      But I mean, there are DoS action in whole Europe.
      Yesterday evening I had some troubles with my DNS and at 0:00 I lost connection to the internet (entripoint in Austria/Vienna)

      Greatings Jurenda :-})
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    Message from Christian Ries on 10/2 2002, 08:54 +00:00

    Re: I can't reach the

      It still doesn't work, is it again a DoS attack?

      Would it be possible to place the homepage (main access page) of on a different server and to advertise on it what is going on in a special message corner? Because when it doesn't work, it's not possible to access the homepage and the forum (message board) either, and many users don't know what's going on.

      I'm aware i ask a lot for a free of charge service, but it would also contribute to
      - reassure people who cannot access their data for a couple of hours
      - prevent too many messages in the forum (message board)
      - prevent too many trials on deeper pages which might consume further ressources from the server.

      Despite of this, baseportal is the best online database service i know in the web that fits both expectations of amateurs and professionals, and i tried many! :-)
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    Message from Roger on 10/2 2002, 09:02 +00:00

    Re: I can't reach the

      That's right, it is the best onlinedatabase, but only if the User can reach it. I will lose a lot of users now, cause they don't know what is happend with my database. I will hope, I can reach the site in the next hours and build a new database on then I will find a way to update the database every hour and to chance the url if is offline the next time.
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    Message from Sander on 10/2 2002, 09:40 +00:00

    Re: I can't reach the

      works again
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    Message from Jurenda on 10/2 2002, 09:44 +00:00

    Re: I can't reach the

      Hey Roger!

      Ceep cool!

      Christoph is working hard to install a strategy against the DoS.

      Changing to maybe not a solution.

      The problem is'nt or the server or,....
      The problem is DoS against any server!

      Greatings Jurenda :-})
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 10/2 2002, 16:16 +00:00

    Re: I can't reach the

      Sorry for the downtime but the more known a site is the more probable is a DoS (or other) attack... :-(

      (Before switching to you could think about renting - the rental versions run on other servers and were not affected...)
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