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    Message from Pikachu on 10/10 2002, 09:31 +00:00
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    How to align frames?

      In a frame you f ex. have an imange of a "cat"?
      but the cat isn't aligth rigth, I whant it on the top,
      but how?

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    Message from U.Yogeswaran on 10/11 2002, 14:09 +00:00
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    Deleting the folders/Files/Database

      Now i had some directories in my HOME directory with some database files and HTML files how can i delete those? I can't able to find any deleting options?!
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    Message from Sander on 10/12 2002, 00:23 +00:00

    Re: Deleting the folders/Files/Database

      behind the link management you will find deleting options

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