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    Message from Bruce Robertson on 10/20 2002, 03:46 +00:00
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    Pricing of baseportal

      tryed you system
      think I is easy to learn and could be used by students
      could you send me a price for the baseportal program to run on linux

      Thanks Bruce

      Bruce Robertson
      Networking and Computer Technician
      Northern Lights School Division # 113

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    Message from Peter Reed on 10/21 2002, 16:25 +00:00

    email spam

      If I create a database that has emails in it, will spiders be able to steal these, and will they get spammed!?
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 10/21 2002, 22:05 +00:00

    Re: email spam

      No, if you don't output the email addresses with a template as a web page, then no spider (or anything/anyone else) could steal them. If you set the appropriate rights they are safe.

      But if you create a template which displays the email addresses, then its like a normal web page which could be read by anyone who knows the URL and therefore could be read by spiders as well...
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