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    Message from Chris on 10/30 2002, 03:51 +00:00
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    Registration page

      I would like to use this tool to create a simple Web form where, upon clicking Submit button, (a) an email notification is sent to database owner (b) an acknowledgement email is sent to the person filling out form (c) the database is populated with the submitted information.
      Thanks in advance,

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    Message from Zeeshan Mirza on 10/30 2002, 19:43 +00:00

    Creating an editable datagrid on web page


      I just wanted to know, is there any way of using the operations of adding a new record, deleting records, editing records etc, on my web page where my database is displayed. So in other words, allow users of my web page to add, delete or update the database by themselves on my web page without coming back to the baseportal web site and doing it in here?

      So would I be able to create a database which is editable on my web page?

      Please can you let me know.

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    Message from tim on 10/31 2002, 08:53 +00:00

    Re: Creating an editable datagrid on web page

      hi zeshan,

      it sure is!

      but technically you are always on a bp webpage when you create, add, delete records of an bp database.

      why dont you just take a quick look at the documentation?

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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 10/31 2002, 16:55 +00:00

    Re: Creating an editable datagrid on web page

      The basic understanding is: The page is provided by baseportal but you can design it the way you like - so it looks like any other of your pages - and then users of your page can add, delete or update the databases without logging into baseportal...

      Just create a database and a corresponding page (with the same name) and edit the HTML code of the page...
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