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    Message from Wayne Francis on 3/16 2004, 18:00 +00:00
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    Re: Relations

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    Message from Maurice on 11/24 2002, 17:16 +00:00
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      Dear everyone,
      I have a main database. This is my contacts database. I am trying to get a second database to relate to the main database. I need all the different databases to pull info from the main "contacts" database.
      In the second datadase, I put "relation". I am asked for "position" which I leave as "new", Feild name which I call say "agent", database, where I choose "main". Finally, the box asks for "key field". I have entered both the position in the main database & the title in the main database but neither works. I get the following error message. I am totally new to this. If someone could tell me what I am doing wrong, it would be great..
      Thanks & best regards,
      Error: Field Name not defined in database /ward/main
      Reason: The field is not defined in the database. Maybe you have just mistyped the query?

      Solutions: 1. Correct your query. 2. Log into your private domain, choose the appropriate database, click on 'Fields' and add the desired field. ]
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    Message from Christian (cvogeley) on 11/26 2002, 22:43 +01:00

    Re: Relations

      Hello Maurice,
      the problem is that the relations field you are using is a little bit buggy, so that it is probably a better idea not to use it.

      If you want to create relations you must do some programming work with perl.

      Maybe this link will help:
      If not just feel free to ask.

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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 3/19 2004, 21:59 +01:00

    Re: Relations - you need to sort the specified field... the database you related to.
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