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    Message from Tim Clare on 12/11 2002, 17:37 +00:00
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    form based queries

      I have created a couple of databases to show our league contacts and fixtures. What I would like to do is have a form that you could select your club from and then based on the selection it should display the records for that particular club.I am not a programmer and have no idea how to go about doing this. This is why yhis site is so appealing to people like myself who are not familar with programming tecniques. Any assistance would be very much appreicated.

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    Message from Harry Forsdick on 12/17 2002, 15:46 +00:00

    How does search work?


      I'm having trouble underdtanding how searching works, using the simplest way I have found for using baseportal. In particular, here is part of the template I use to render (and control access to) the database:

      <do action=all border=1 datasize=2 sort^=Last range^=0,20 pagebrowse=top buttonbrowse=bottom listtype=list listfields=First,Last,Background,Street,Phone,EMail,Which input=link>

      With this simple fragment of code, I get a very nice web presentation of a database that allows members of a committee to enter contact information.

      The problem I am having is understanding how to search the database. When I click on the "search" tab and fill in a string to search for, I don't get the results I expect to get. In particular, if I am looking for, say, the string "official" in a text field, the search doesn't return a record that contains "the official results". This leades me to believe that search strings only support matches from the start of a field.

      If this is true, I am wondering is there some additional syntax I can use to get the results I want? What notation is use to search for patterns?


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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 12/17 2002, 18:03 +01:00

    Re: How does search work?

      Your belief is true ;-) Searching only works from the start of a field (see ). Right now there is no way of searching in the middle of a text (there is one in the rental version which is not available right now :-( ) except searching through all fields with extra code. This is a bit more complicated than just using <do action=all...> and it could look something like

      <loop code=perl>
      if(index($Textfield, "searchstring")>=0)
      out "$Textfield ...and more fields...<br>";

      This outputs all entries where the field "Textfield" contains "searchstring" (any position).

      Hope that helps... ,-)

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