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    Message from Lars-Erik on 1/20 2003, 13:41 +00:00

    Date problem

      Hi, I created a date field to be used with user input.
      Input and output formats are both Year-Month0-Day0.
      When creating entries, they come out with a day number value one (1) lower than expected.

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    Message from Chris on 1/20 2003, 10:43 -05:00

    Adding the Password Field

      I'm trying to add the password field by selecting the checkbox to make the text field a password.
      How does one 'assign' the password to the field?
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 1/22 2003, 22:49 +01:00

    Re: Adding the Password Field

      Selecting the checkbox "password" at the text field only means that the user gets * when typing something in the text field... If you want a password protection you should look in the library, there are 2 examples for this... ;-)
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