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    Message from Phone Tutors on 5/4 2003, 09:42 +00:00


      Hallo Christoph!

      Vielen danke fur ihr answort.

      Das Spanishe und Italienishe commands arbaitet shon


      Ich kan veilicht hilfe ein bischien...

      The Spanish commands are perfectly translated. But the Italian...

      1. For "no entries" put "nessuna entrata" instead of "nessun entrate"

      2. For "submit" put "invia" instead of "presenta"

      3. For "reset" put "cancella" instead of "risistemazione"

      > Did I do anything wrong this time?

      No, it was my fault: Some of the languages weren't included - but they are now... Just try again ;-)

      Much fun! ;-)


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    Message from Edo on 6/27 2003, 15:35 +07:00
    EMail: WWW: //

    Re: why is it free? what do you get from this?

      hehehe yes. i just can say : good morning from indonesia... but even there is a real new version, dont scratch our databases there :))
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