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    Message from Harry Forsdick on 12/17 2002, 15:46 +00:00

    How does search work?


      I'm having trouble underdtanding how searching works, using the simplest way I have found for using baseportal. In particular, here is part of the template I use to render (and control access to) the database:

      <do action=all border=1 datasize=2 sort^=Last range^=0,20 pagebrowse=top buttonbrowse=bottom listtype=list listfields=First,Last,Background,Street,Phone,EMail,Which input=link>

      With this simple fragment of code, I get a very nice web presentation of a database that allows members of a committee to enter contact information.

      The problem I am having is understanding how to search the database. When I click on the "search" tab and fill in a string to search for, I don't get the results I expect to get. In particular, if I am looking for, say, the string "official" in a text field, the search doesn't return a record that contains "the official results". This leades me to believe that search strings only support matches from the start of a field.

      If this is true, I am wondering is there some additional syntax I can use to get the results I want? What notation is use to search for patterns?


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    Message from Chris Greene on 12/19 2002, 17:39 +00:00

    message board date format in German - want English?

      How do I make the date format of my message board display in English instead of German?
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 12/20 2002, 17:27 +01:00

    Re: message board date format in German - want English?

      You probably mean the guestbook from the library?

      In this case you just have to "redefine" the date field - go to the database and the "fields" definition. Choose "Modify" at the field "Datum", then click on "Date" and "Submit"... Thats it...
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