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    Message from Roger on 1/5 2003, 11:51 +00:00
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    German server down?


      what's with the german baseportal, it seems it is down. How long?
      I am looking for an easy way to mirror it on


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    Message from Chris on 1/8 2003, 20:20 +00:00
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    'reply' link on message board

      I would like to add the 'reply' link to my message board. Can someone lend some assistance?
      Chris ~`^%
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    Message from Jon Mick on 1/9 2003, 16:39 -05:00

    Re: 'reply' link on message board

      I would add a reply field (ReplyTo) as the last item in the database record. Default the field (text-type)to contain the HTML mailto: code

      <a href="">Reply To</a>

      (it doesn't display correctly here on the message board)

      Every record display would automatically have a reply to "link".

      Displaying the record vertically would probably look best.

      I hope this helps.


      (P.S. Feel free to buy software as gratitude :) <kidding...>)

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    Message from Chris Greene on 1/13 2003, 16:37 +00:00
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    Re: 'reply' link on message board

      I'm sorry. I didn't clearly state my problem.
      What I wanted to say was, I need to create a "Post a Reply" link that would show after each message board posting just as I have done with this reply. So one can reply directly to a message that has been posted and have their replay posted as well.
      Thanks again,
      Chris G.
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 1/14 2003, 20:54 +01:00

    Re: 'reply' link on message board

      You mean you want a message board like this?

      I added the code of this message board to the library. You can copy it to your account. Much fun! ;-)
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