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    Message from Chris on 1/8 2003, 20:20 +00:00
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    'reply' link on message board

      I would like to add the 'reply' link to my message board. Can someone lend some assistance?
      Chris ~`^%

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    Message from James Melvin on 1/9 2003, 08:06 +00:00
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    More on password protect

      First of all, What you've done here is fantastic.
      It really got my ass out of a sling.

      Anyway, I'd like to password protect my database and allow the users to only view and search records. Not add to them. Is there a way yet?

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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 1/10 2003, 15:23 +01:00

    Re: More on password protect

      Thank you ,-)

      After setting the Database rights (Database / Management) to "User are allowed to... data" (mark this checkbox only) your users can only view and search the records.

      There are several ways of password protection, depending on what you need: Just a simple protection would be:

      if($password eq "whatever")
      out "Access denied.";
      } else
      do_all "...parameters...", "password";


      This means you can only access this database if you call it with

      If you need a more complex password protection scheme take a look at the examples in the library...

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