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    Message from MagiC_Creator on 2/4 2003, 17:24 +00:00
    EMail: WWW:

    Cool :))!

      Hi Christoph!

      A very nice message board! And now go and visit my homepage ;).

      cya :)

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    Message from Raphael on 2/5 2003, 19:03 +01:00


      Hi Christoph!

      How can I write an entry in the library?

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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 2/6 2003, 03:49 +01:00

    Re: Library

      Its not finished yet, sorry :-(

      I hope I'll find the time some day ,-) But you can send me your entry as email and I will put it in the lib for you...
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    Message from raphael on 2/6 2003, 13:29 +01:00

    Re: Library

      ok, then I must write a description... :))
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