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    Message from Raphael on 2/5 2003, 19:03 +01:00


      Hi Christoph!

      How can I write an entry in the library?


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    Message from afmcjake on 2/5 2003, 15:26 -05:00
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    Email Ability of BasePortal Standard

      We would like to purchase BasePortal but need to know about the email features...
      Can we have an email sent everytime an entry is added and...

      if so, can we have a field in the new entry to specify an email address and have it sent to the one specified?

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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 2/6 2003, 03:48 +01:00

    Re: Email Ability of BasePortal Standard

      Yes, both is possible (and easy). You just need something like:

      <do action=all mail_put=your@emailaddress.tld,Field_name>

      in your template to send an email on every new entry to the specified email address ("your@emailaddress.tld" and the email contained in "Field_name"...

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