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    Message from mike wallace on 3/9 2003, 10:17 +00:00
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    Adding a .gif or.jpg file

      I am trying to build a site that will include details of properties for sale is it posssible to include a field with a .gif or .jpg picture of properties ?

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    Message from Zoltan on 4/3 2003, 15:52 -05:00

    Importing an existing database

      Does the free version allow importing existing databases ?
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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 4/4 2003, 05:06 +01:00

    Re: Importing an existing database - Yes...

      Yes, under "database / management".

      If you leave the settings unchanged, exports or imports of your database are in the CSV format which probably every program (i.g. Excel, Access etc.) can read or write...
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