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    Message from Jan Benk on 9/27 2002, 23:55 +00:00
    EMail: WWW: ???????????

      >Since a couple of hours the german website of baseportal are not accessible.


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    Message from Northam on 9/30 2002, 05:33 +00:00

    Linking Fields to other Databases

      I don't understand how to link a field to another database. Would appreciate any assistance. Thank you.

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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 10/1 2002, 02:01 +00:00

    Re: Linking Fields to other Databases

      There are some possibilites to do that:

      1. You may use the field type "Relation". Just select a database and enter the name of the key field - important: this has to be a _sorted_ field. That's all. But: The field type "Relation" is unflexible and has some know bugs.

      2. You define a relation for yourself: Just create two databases (or more) with a field which links them together. I.g. a field called "car" in the database "clients" which has the name ("BMW", "Ford" etc.) of the appropriate field in the database "cars". You can now read the data from "clients" step by step and fetch the data from "cars" from the corresponding record.

      There is an example in the documentation which explains how:

      Hope that helps ;-)
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