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    Message from Jon Mick on 11/24 2002, 09:08 -05:00

    Displaying Images in Record Fields and/or Image Buttons with URL Link displayed

      Hi All,

      Anyone know how to display the image (gif,jpg) in the database record instead of the link?

      Also, Slighlty more advanced... Is is possible to display the image with a URL link like an "image button" link

      If this was already asked, my apologies. I looked but couldn't find any reference.

      Thanks in advance,

      Jon Mick

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    Message from Maurice on 11/24 2002, 17:16 +00:00
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      Dear everyone,
      I have a main database. This is my contacts database. I am trying to get a second database to relate to the main database. I need all the different databases to pull info from the main "contacts" database.
      In the second datadase, I put "relation". I am asked for "position" which I leave as "new", Feild name which I call say "agent", database, where I choose "main". Finally, the box asks for "key field". I have entered both the position in the main database & the title in the main database but neither works. I get the following error message. I am totally new to this. If someone could tell me what I am doing wrong, it would be great..
      Thanks & best regards,
      Error: Field Name not defined in database /ward/main
      Reason: The field is not defined in the database. Maybe you have just mistyped the query?

      Solutions: 1. Correct your query. 2. Log into your private domain, choose the appropriate database, click on 'Fields' and add the desired field. ]
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    Message from Christian (cvogeley) on 11/26 2002, 22:43 +01:00

    Re: Relations

      Hello Maurice,
      the problem is that the relations field you are using is a little bit buggy, so that it is probably a better idea not to use it.

      If you want to create relations you must do some programming work with perl.

      Maybe this link will help:
      If not just feel free to ask.

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    Message from Christoph Bergmann on 3/19 2004, 21:59 +01:00

    Re: Relations - you need to sort the specified field... the database you related to.
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